Department 707


Intentionally small, Department707 is able to focus only on what it does very well – improving communication.

We help individuals to communicate better with themselves and with those around them. How? Through personal development through coaching and professional development through mentoring.

We show management teams and directors how to communicate better with themselves. How? By instilling a marketing mindset through strategic workshops and management development programmes.

We help clients to communicate better with their audiences and stakeholders. How? With succinct and workable marketing plans and with targeted campaign.  

We think of ourselves as an extension of our clients’ businesses; as a whole extra department that can be bolted on. We’re a means to an end; a shrewd way of filling a gap, of embracing something new, of taking stock or taking a step. 

The tenets, techniques, tips, tricks and tools of accomplished communication that we have accumulated and applied over 20+ years are universally useful, but like all good marketers, we’ve fine-tuned what we know for one audience – owner managers of ambitious sapling businesses.

We provide for the businesses that many agencies shun in favour of brands and budgets. In doing so, we embrace the quirks and challenges of entrepreneur-led teams and engage them with an offering that suits others who do what they do very well, yet need outside help to exploit the opportunities they create.

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We are:

  • pernickety communication experts with 20+yrs experience to tap into
  • of an entrepreneurial mindset - driven to do and be better
  • specialists in marketing services with highly polished standards and immaculate execution  
  • obsessive advocates of connected communication
  • well-connected networkers and collaborators across Bristol and Somerset
  • over-qualified professionals compelled to contribute
  • people people with personality and a passion which rubs off
  • service providers who put professionalism ahead of profit
  • from both sides of the fence – client-side and agency-side

So what’s this marketing malarkey all about?

Here’s our take on what it means, applicable to every business, without the bells, whistles and fluff.

Marketers do two things. 1) Work out what people need and want. 2) Make that available to them.

This manifests, initially, as research, target audiences, swot analyses, distribution channels, price points, positioning, competitor analysis and mission statements. These top level tasks pin down what the product/service will (and must) be, working out where success is most likely to lie and what shape it will take. Lots of looking. Lots of learning. Interestingly, it can seem strangely distanced from the day-to-day business. But the deliverable at the end is, et voila, a marketing plan.

Then, and only then, is it time to tell the world. Your world. The distinct, defined and detailed world you know and love. The ‘make it happen’ crew in the marketing department, supported by creatives, copywriters, coders and craftsmen,  roll up their sleeves and get stuck into bringing the plan to life. Features and benefits, corporate identities, brand strategies, marketing collateral. When it leaves the marketing department, it’s all been woven as a distinct visualisation of the what, where, when, how and who of the business. What comes back? Customer references, feedback, focus groups, spreadsheets. And, of course, a busy sales pipeline.

To do it well, marketers need two things. A left brain and a right brain.

The left brain is driven by logic, facts, processes, etc. It’s compelled to understand, to identify and to compare. To define and refine. The right brain craves creativity. It feels, rather than touches. It questions, rather than commands. It’s where ideas come from. It looks at things differently. Sees and seeks a different (and better) world.

So that’s what marketers get up to. But there’s something else too. Something weird. Something obsessive. It lurks at the core of everything we do, driving us on, never out of our thoughts. It’s called … … the customer.

In Department707, they have pride of place and the comfiest chair. It’s all about him, or her, or them. Doesn’t matter whether they’re an anonymous database or you send their children birthday cards. Regardless, Department707 is all about getting to know them better. They are the focus of everything we do behind the shiny red door.