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  • Clare Lindstrand

    Clare Lindstrand

    Managing Director

    First and foremost Clare is a successful marketer, packaged up with the passion of an entrepreneur, the talent of a creative and wordsmith, and the acumen of a leader who owns and runs small businesses.

    Importantly, Clare has experience both client-side and agency-side. In fact, it was while working client-side that she couldn’t find the agency support she needed, and decided to set up that very resource herself, knowing that there were plenty of others in the same boat.

    Clare now works primarily as a strategic marketer, coach and mentor for ambitious small businesses, particularly service providers.

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    What drives Clare is a passion to help people communicate better; with themselves, with each other and with those who will pay them for what they have to offer.

    As founder, director and owner manager of three small businesses, her natural empathy and learned business acumen mean she leans towards working with other owner managers, as well as those with the ambition to do so.

    It all started with a rarely seen degree in Management and Systems Science from The City University London, which taught how the world of commerce works.

    Clare specialised in marketing at that early stage and learnt the tools of her trade climbing the corporate ladder in roles for The Royal Bank of Scotland, Taunton Cider, Addis Housewares and Weststar Holidays (senior marketing manager reporting to the Dragon, Deborah Meaden).

    In 2002 it was time to stop wearing pinstripe, figuring that the top notch skills, knowledge and techniques learnt would be useful to owners and managers of businesses who didn’t have access to that wealth of knowledge that corporates keep close to their chests.

    Four Marketing and Design Ltd was born; a small yet substantial and successful marketing and design studio creating exemplary and exquisite communications for SMEs and start-ups. Specialising in four service sectors, Four was recognised as being up there with the best of Bristol’s brilliant creatives.

    Her second business venture, SumsUp, developed entry-level business management software appropriate for small service provider agencies that sell their time. Again, this role meant dealing with leaders, managers and business owners.

    In 2008, Department707 was born, allowing Clare to focus on what she loves doing. And there’s plenty in these pages to read about what that means to her.

    The range of Clare’s marketing experience and business acumen positions her perfectly to help SMEs in all areas, from getting off the ground to keeping their feet firmly on the ground.


    Clare is a…

    • Strategic marketer with a proven track record across four service sectors
    • Marketing communications consultant and project manager
    • Business and marketing mentor for owner-managed businesses
    • Personal coach for business owners and entrepreneurs
    • Copywriter with an expert knack for adding clarity to intangibility
    • Entrepreneur with three thriving small businesses
    • Facilitator and speaker who loves to share what's she's learnt along the way

    Jack of all trades? Definitely not. What’s at the core of the support and guidance she provides, is a client-focussed marketing mindset instilled twenty years ago and gradually distilled during a career that has never wavered and has your client/customer at its heart.


    If Clare was a brand…

    Ten carefully considered (but alphabetical) professional brand values for Clare to live up to:

    • Bold
    • Creative
    • Dedicated
    • Efficient
    • Energetic
    • Intelligent
    • Meticulous
    • Passionate
    • Shrewd
    • Sparkly


    Clare still finds time for...

    For this adrenalin junkie, playtime means getting outside, cold and wet; usually with Boose the bonkers English Springer Spaniel not far behind. Clare has competed in multiple triathlons, was a member of an acrobatics/acrobalance squad, and still races 16’ and 21’ Hobie Cats. Other active hobbies include kiting and open water swimming.

    The adrenalin highs are balanced with a religious attraction to all things yoga, with creative writing and with escapes to Björn Ide, her wooden cabin on a remote island in the Stockholm Archipelago which she built with her own fair hands.

    Based in Bristol, Clare lives in Axbridge, Somerset to satisfy her daily craving for countryside and cows.

    Her Twitter profile announces a love of cartwheels, corners and saunas. Hopefully this goes part way to explaining h why. If not, you'll have to ask her yourself. All enquiries welcome!


    Say hi

    Mobile   07815 839065
    Land line 0117 300 5213
    LinkedIn profile  clarelindstrand
    Skype   clarelindstrand




  • Sarah Hole

    Sarah Hole

    Marketing Assistant

    Sarah started at Department707 in February 2011. She assists in the creation, development and delivery of marketing campaigns. Also PA to Clare and Administrator to Department707 she concentrates on the detail in the doing. Sarah is a conscientious individual that holds a strong range of valuable skills and experience to help keep things running smoothly at Department707.

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    Sarah graduated from Bath Spa University in 2007 with a BA Hons in Ceramic Design and so has in depth knowledge of the creative processes. She has experience working in the education sector and managing part of a creative department. Through her time living and working in South Africa in 2009/2010 she developed her own creative work for small business in the Western Cape.