Department 707


  • Energise Training

    “The coaching and mentoring sessions I had with Clare enabled me to clarify my personal goals and aspirations, motivating me to get my new business off the ground. Clare possesses a natural warmth and nurturing style, which is very supportive, but at the same time she exudes positivity and vibrancy. Clare used all of her skills and attributes, challenging me to achieve more and to be the best I can. For this I thank you Clare.”

    Gina Elward, Director
    Energise Training
    Training and development sector
    Jan 2010

  • King Edwards school

    “Friendly, innovative and the most helpful team you could ever wish to work with. They worked within budget and to deadline and we are very pleased with the results.”

    Julia Acklam, Marketing Manager
    King Edward’s School

    Education sector
    March 2007

  • Maynard school

    “Clare has provided us with some innovative and creative marketing strategies. She is friendly and accessible and I hope to continue working with her in the future.”

    Joanna Conway, Marketing Manager
    The Maynard School

    Education sector
    July 2010

  • Colstons

    "The agency projects a modern, forward-thinking image in a competitive marketplace."

    Wendy Wetton, Marketing Manager
    Colston's Girls' School

    Education sector
    Jan 2007

  • Working Knowledge

    "We have used Clare’s expert knowledge in a variety of roles over the years. In contributing to and facilitating at our events, Clare shares a wealth of knowledge using exceptional communication skills and is enthusiastically encouraging to any audience. In developing our website, her strategic involvement guaranteed a neat fit between the commercial and the creative."

    James Lott, Director
    Working Knowledge

    Education sector
    March 2012

  • Clare is brilliant! I have used Clare for coaching and mentoring and with both services she is exceptional. The thing with Clare is that she listens intently to your problems and without you knowing by the end of the session suddenly you have answers (she may use Jedi mind tricks!). She is a wonderful mind and great at what she does. Highly recommend.

    Business owner
    Creative sector
    Apr - Oct 2012