Department 707


  • Roxburgh Milkins

    "We hired Clare to help us with our marketing strategy. She’s been great! She has really helped us to articulate a strong and distinctive message. She’s been creative, she’s challenged, she's fun to work with and she’s gained our trust and confidence. I have absolute no hesitation in recommending Clare."

    Charles van der Lande, Partner
    Roxburgh Milkins

    Professional services sector
    June 2010

  • “I worked with Clare when developing a new business strategy - I found her approach to be down-to-earth, practical and realistic. As someone who has been a little cynical regarding some marketing activities this came as "a breath of fresh air". I have no hesitation in recommending Clare, and I look forward to working with her again when putting this strategy into action.” 

    Steve Joyce, Director
    Preston Grove Consultants

    Business services sector
    June 2011

  • TeleMedic Systems

    “I have worked with Clare on all aspects of my company's profile and marketing. She brings clarity and understanding down to a level I wouldn't have imagined, while helping to educate us about the hows and whys of what it is we are doing. I have no hesitation in recommending Clare without reservation.”

    Alasdair Macdonald, Managing Director
    TeleMedic Systems

    Health sector
    May 2009

  • terrace

    "I can highly recommend Clare to provide insightful, creative and workable marketing ideas and solutions, and then deliver them on time and on price too. Clare is a pleasure to work with and we have been using her to successfully develop the business for five years.”

    Jane Gotto, Director
    The Terrace
    Health sector
    Sept 2009

  • mutual

    “I'm a huge fan of Clare's work. Her ability to listen and really get under the skin of what you are trying to achieve is second to none. Clare is a great person to delegate the thinking to in all matters related to building commercial awareness through your brand and culture.”

    Gary Miller, MD
    Mutual Solutions

    Business services sector
    Nov 2009

  • "I have known and trusted Clare for many years. She has shown great insight and understanding, guiding me to some important decisions and, most importantly, helping me come up with practical applications of those conclusions. I have no hesitation in recommending her for coaching."

    Business owner

    Financial services sector
    March 2010