Department 707

Getting the brief right

If strategic marketing is all about learning and plotting out a plan, then the individual activities that come togehter as coherent marketing campaigns are the deliverable of what happens as a result of that plan.

When you know precisely what you want to achieve with your marketing activity and how you should go about it, then any creative agency worth their salt (and with the right skills) should be able to deliver it for you. But do you know? Precisely enough? And do you know how to choose who should be delivering and project managing it for you?

If you’re not 100% clear what the brief needs to be or who to, with objectives, measures, feedback and value all built in, then Department707 is designed to be the stepping stone between a marketing plan’s objectives and the suppliers and creatives who will deliver it for you.

We have vast experience in both B2B and consumer services, and especially in tourism and leisure, education, charities and not-for-profits and professional/business services. Food and drink producers, technical manufacturers nad technology developers also work with us where we can build a brand or design the service wrapper it needs to stand out from the competition.

What our clients all have in common is that they provide premium services which have real value to the people that use them.

That’s what we specialise in – understanding where that value lies in a core service itself, in the way it is delivered and in the attractive goodies and helpful extras that should be wrapped around it to make it (genuinely) desirable.

Then it's 'just a question' of playing to those strengths in compiling a calendar of joined up marketing campaigns.

Having owned and run a successful marketing-led graphic design agency for ten years that earned its reputation on the back of exceptional project management and immaculate execution, there is very little we don’t know about making marketing happen, and if we don’t know, we sure as hell know someone who does. Four Marketing and Design came after a ten year career working client-side, learning the tools and tricks of the trade in busy marketing departments for high profile, multi-national corporates.


Designed to pull, not push