Department 707

Designed to pull, not push

When it comes to marketing campaigns, our clients often have a clear goal (and if they don’t we help them with that too by providing strategic thinking), but lack either the resource or the know-how to pull it all together into a cohesive and coherent campaign.

Which makes us the people to come to when you want to take a step into the mystery that is a professional marketing campaign. Not a list of disconnected ‘things to do’ but a consistent, cohesive, congruent mix of activity very clearly defined with business objectives in mind. We work with you collaboratively to refine and define what marketing activity you should do, when and how, and who to.

Long gone are the days when throwing some money at sleek advertising or neat direct mail mechanics were sufficient to engage your customer/client.

Now you need to interact with them, using outbound mechanics to grab their attention and pull them in, then keeping that dialogue going so that their interest is constantly piqued.

It’s a very very competitive world out there at the moment and for you to get noticed you have to... seen, be slick and be worth knowing.

New social media and digital platforms are here to stay, but they need to be used congruently. Bolting on a bunch of tweets to an already sporadic mix of activity is just throwing more mud at the wall. It’s better to spend time and effort on getting the basic foundations right before you start working on an extension.

The great news though of these advances in marketing techniques is th information that we are able to collect along the way - a marketer's holy grail having spent decades worrying about producing self-fulfilling prophesies about what their actions would achieve.

Even today though, to master any business's marketing potential needs the slow, careful strategy of chess; not the luck of roulette. Department707 helps get pieces in the right places and so that players all perform at their peak. (The old classic 4P’s of marketing have evolved somewhat!).


It’s about know-how