Department 707

It’s about know-how

Department707 is as impressive in tackling rapid-fire tasks from a manic marketing director, as in contributing inspiration and expertise to new ventures.

More and more in the world of SME commerce, success depends upon putting the right team of experts together.

You simply won’t come across someone with a PR background in underwater basket-weaving who specialises Monday through Wednesday in improving your online profile through social media and spends Thursday and Friday analysing a 200K entry database. Marketing is simply too big a field.

For some clients, we are their marketing department...

...dealing with every aspect of activity, from fielding contact from potential suppliers or partners to taking responsibility for all the daily tasks.

For others, we step in occasionally... campaigns demand. And then there are the clients in between, for whom we work on new exploratory projects, which are almost always better outsourced.

When it comes to marketing activity, there isn’t much we haven’t come across, with a career background that spans huge multinational corporate to family-owned local provider, and crosses multiple sectors includes in-house roles in FMCG, manufacturing, tourism, retail, leisure as well as director roles agency-side.

We're an active, resourceful department to turn to for broad top level marketing that makes stuff happen.

Some of it we do ourselves, and some is passed on to trusted partners under direction from our project managers. Sometimes, that means us pulling together, leading, managing and monitoring whole campaigns, and sometimes it means that we step down once everything is up and running nicely, leaving you in capable hands.

Department707 is deliberately not about, and definitely does not rely on, filling desks with workload in a busy studio. Our only agenda is yours. Authenticity and credibility are absolutely key to how we operate so we purposefully don't expand beyond the reach of our head of marketing.

There's no point 'doing' random bits of marketing. Our commitment to you is to make sure all the busy 'doing' is carefully considered up front in some clever 'thinking' that distills through each and every campaign. Whilst junior marketers may be able to 'do' what needs doing, they need a senior strategic guiding hand and expert sounding board to stay on track in time. That's what we believe, and that's what we promise to be for our clients. 

We invite you to read the kind words of happy clients to get a feel for how and why it works so well.


Getting the right message to the right place