Department 707

A work out for the mind

Sporting champions are coached. We know and accept that. We recognise that a coach’s guidance, support, skill and dedication are essential in honing an athlete’s ability and ambition.

When it comes to professional and entepreneurial ambition, coaching is a work-out for the mind.

Coaching helps by developing your skills and behaviours, by creating clarity, motivation and momentum that mean you’ll get more out of your life and work or by developing the mindset needed to get you there. There is no other relationship that is one-sided like this, where work, rest and play all come together in balance.

It’s all about you. Your blank page. Your agenda. Your gift to yourself.

In coaching, you use your own resources to tackle the challenges that confront you, so I remain non-judgemental and non-directive, but I do relate to and empathise with those challenges and have almost certainly faced them before, if not myself then through others.

I don’t claim to have the answers, nor can I fix problems, but I will help you find your own answers and share some of the skills I’ve learnt along the way. What are those skills? My specialist subjects are communication, marketing, service design, creativity, strategy, facilitation – bundled together they add up to...

...someone who is great at creating value; in people, in services, in products, in brands.


So what's coaching all about?

How can I get a feel for it?