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So how is 2012 working out?

How the Wheel works...

  1. Start by thinking about what's most important in your life and make a list. What makes life worth living? What are your priorities? Examples might include Career/Business, Family, Friends, Health, Wealth, Love, Leisure, Control, Freedom, Contribution. The list must represent what matters to you and not anyone else, so if Yoga or Making music or Waking up before your alarm clock is what gets you out of bed, that's fine.
  2. Click on the text 'Segment 1' below the empty wheel to overwrite it, e.g. with Health
  3. Then select a number which represents how happy you are with that particular aspect (where 1 is 'bloody awful' and 10 is 'things couldn't get any better'). Watch your Wheel draw itself.
  4. Click on 'Segment 2' and repeat. If you only come up with six or seven priorities that's fine, but eight is an average number.
  5. When you're done, enter your email address and click submit. We'll send you your own Wheel of Life by email so you have a visual reference.
  6. Then start thinking about things you can do to make things just a little bit better. Where would you start? What can you do tomorrow? We'll contact you in a month's time to see how things are going. 

Wheel of life

What's it all mean?

The Wheel of Life (or Work, or Play) can be used to help you get to grips with all manner of challenges by breaking the situation down into manageable chunks you can actually do something about. Use it to think about your life as a whole, a part of your life (let's say, your business), a part of a part of your life (let's say, managing staff) or a challenge about that part of your life (let's say, what's important to my staff to keep them motivated).

You're looking to create a large, perfectly round wheel. A small, (even if perfectly round) wheel will work for you, but means you'll need to pedal bloody hard to get to where you want to be. An uneven wheel simply won't get your over a sleeping policeman, let alone help you get to grips with a real challenge.

The Big Picture message is that life (or work, or play) is only truly great when there's a really good balance across all the things that matter to you.

There's no point having a really successful business if there's no time at all for leisure. Equally, it wouldn't all be roses if your health was poor regardless of how many friends you have. And you won't have happy employees just because you pay them high salaries but don't look after their professional development or their need to make a difference.

Want to know more? Have you got a real scenario you want to try it with? Get in touch.