Department 707

Educate, inform, inspire

Whether you’re communicating as a person or a business, being clear about your intention is fundamental. What's important to achieving that outcome is getting the message you use right. 

In marketing communications, we dumb things down to three simple intentions - to educate, to inform or to inspire.

For example, a professional services firm may issue papers, factsheets or legislative updates. The intention is to educate the reader, even if the commercial objective is to make the firm worth knowing and thereby increase stickiness with clients and partners.

An accommodation provider with a cottage in Devon may include pages on their website that show nearby beaches and visitor attractions. The intention is to inspire the reader; to convince them that a holiday in Devon is a worthy investment in quality time. The commercial objective may be to put heads on beds, but photographs of nothing but the cottage will not do the job.

Finally, every business needs to inform. This is the selling bit.

This website does not intend to sell you marketing services – there are no price lists, no special offers. It doesn’t expect to inspire you with promises of how coaching will bring you eternal happiness or untold riches.

It does hope to educate you about what Department707 does to help small and medium-sized businesses that have a service to tell the world about.

It includes helpful case studies as examples, it includes useful resources and papers written by us and by others which we think are worth sharing, and it actively shares a little of what we’ve learnt along the way.


It’s the journey that matters