Department 707

If it’s worth doing…

Our promise is to create immaculate marketing collateral, from concept to delivery, on budget, and to deadline.


From concept...

They say, if you always do the same things, all you can expect is the same results. Sadly, when times are tough, you should probably expect less. Whether it’s time to refresh existing materials or take a new direction, there are five I’s at the foundation of every campaign we’re involved in:

ideas, insight, imagination, input and intelligence delivery,

Once approved, it’s all steam ahead, taking care of who needs to do what, why and by when. Projects taken on include all types of marketing collateral, from 2pg leaflets through 96pg brochures to 48pg annual reviews, and direct mail, advertising, branding, websites, online marketing, data management, associated research, email marketing, editorials, promotions, exhibitions, events, signage and enewsletters, etc. etc.

If you’ve got a message to get out there, Department707 knows the best way to do it. In doing so, there are five more I’s that are paramount in what we produce:

immaculate, inspired, impressive, individual, improvement


On budget...

There aren’t many problems that can’t be solved by throwing money at it. But let’s be sensible. Working out a realistic budget, reflective of a project’s contribution to the bottom line, is vitally important. And since there is always a list of demands as long as your arm when it comes to spending a marketing budget Deparmtent707 holds itself accountable, committing to a return on investment of at least £5 for every £1 spent. An essential part of budgeting then is the consideration of measurement and analysis.

There’s no point doing something if at the end you don’t know whether it was worth it


...and in time

Sometimes timing is critical, and this we recognise. For example, a holiday brochure that hits doorsteps two weeks too late in January can be the difference between a successful summer season and a spring of desperate discounting. In these cases, all the stops are pulled out and deadlines are never, ever missed. At other times, “we’d like the new website to be live in six weeks” simply isn’t practical if that means new design concepts, bespoke photography, a complicated back-end, ten thousand words of compelling copy to write and six weeks of holiday booked by the main protagonists. We work with you honestly and openly, looking after scheduling and handholding contributors to deliver the best result.

If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well


Campaign planning