Department 707

You're not alone

Mentoring differs from coaching, yet certain characteristics are shared and indeed, you'll often find the definitions are blurred. I've been on approved mentoring courses which concentrate entirely on a coach's listening and questioning skills, and vice versa. In an unregulated industry, there is no right or wrong.

Here's my definition of what a mentor, as distinct from a coach, does:

A mentor helps an individual to face their professional challenges confidently and to solve their problems, with the active guidance, support and external perspective of an experienced adviser by their side who's been there and done that before.

It’s still a commercial relationship so like any other, success must be built on the competence, integrity and empathy. I believe that a mentor should be able to highlight shortcuts to success, so for me, having very relevant experience is a core part of the mentoring relationships I engage in. 

The specific mentoring skills Department707 offers are:

  • business planning and strategic decision making
  • marketing and sales skill development
  • direction for marketing managers and directors
  • development of leadership and management skills and behaviours

Department707’s mentoring is approved and accredited by the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IOEE) and by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).


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