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How mentoring helps

Having a mentor means you’re not alone in running the business, or your particular chunk of a business.

Let’s be honest, the risk involved with running your own business (whether alone or with others) means every day can throw up very real challenges and it’s often scarily lonely if you’re a start-up or early stage business. Having the support, advice and experience of a high calibre mentor to call upon makes all the difference, both personally and professionally. There is no right and wrong answer.

What’s important is a good fit for you.

What are you looking for? What gaps could do with filling? Someone to share specific experience? Someone to support you and give confidence? Someone with the right connections? Someone who’s been through what you’re going through?

As a business owner, entrepreneur or inventor, you should surround yourself with a whole network of useful, helpful people.

You can have multiple mentors and any number of advisers. Again, there is no right or wrong answer in business and all you can do is seek advice where you can, but ultimately the choices are yours.

What’s most important is feeling confident that the decisions you make are wise and considered. The only other advice we would impart here is to find a mentor who has been there and done that. Nothing beats real-life experience in finding shortcuts to success and sharing the pain along the way.


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