Department 707

Mentoring for Professional Marketing

Call it what you will, at a mentoring level, the intention is to bring director-level marketing advice and support that clarifies not what to do but why and how you should be doing it too. That’s where experience comes in; you can read a textbook to find out what marketing is.

The value lies in learning from an authentic expert.

Here are some of the headlines that a mentoring relationship with Deparmtent707 is intended to tackle:

  • Setting SMART goals and commercial objectives
  • Getting clear on strengths, benefits and value
  • Understanding your market and your place within it
  • Finding your ideal customer
  • Assessing opportunities and trends
  • Designing a service and drawing up a plan to deliver it
  • Deciding how best to grow
  • Defining the brand
  • Running a tight ship – monitoring, measuring, learning
  • Idea generation
  • Working with agencies and marketing service providers


Promises worth making