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Marketing mentoring made manageable

If you’re wary of committing to an ongoing mentoring relationship, or can’t quite see the benefit yet, then perhaps these short sharp programmes may be very relevant and an excellent introduction to how mentoring works.

Each three hour face-to-face session has a distinctive marketing function focus.

Clear boundaries and tangible deliverables are set, as well as space for some fresh ideas, for a specific chunk of the marketing function.

The agenda isn’t completely yours, as it would be in a true mentoring or coaching relationship, but the session is still collaborative, not ‘taught’ and promises to share top tips, tricks and insight on why, where, how, what and when.

It's about doing marketing with you rather than to you. 

Great success has been achieved by clients who’ve done all six programmes over the course of a year, leaving plenty of time in between to take action and make progress, one step at a time.

Larger and more ambitious businesses and boards of directors have condensed the whole programme into fortnightly sessions as a strategic marketing development programme.

Each three hour session is charged at £300 or if you book all six up front then you get one for free (and there’s a match-funded government grant worth £1000 available for anyone who chooses this route).


Programme topics

  1. Getting to know my business
  2. Getting to know my brand
  3. Getting to know my customer
  4. Getting to know my market
  5. Getting the story right
  6. Getting the message out


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