Department 707

Promises worth making

These promises are the value you can expect from a mentoring relationship with Deparmtent707. They are intentionally different from the benefits borne out of a coaching relationship, whether personal or professional. Boundaries are admittedly blurred between mentoring and coaching roles, and clients generally need both types of support at different times, but as far as possible any one individual session is either one or t’other; either business-centred mentoring or person-focussed coaching.

We believe there is a distinct difference, but there are no strict rules. Experience does show though that some topics are more appropriate for certain learning styles.

  • Mentoring is, for example, great for filling gaps and finding shortcuts
  • Coaching deals better with changing behaviours (such as a lack of clarity, commitment or confidence)
  • Workshops and mastermind groups gets better results for developing skills in an action learning environment (such as leadership and management or idea generation)

To find out what will suit you best, all it takes is a quick phone call or email to arrange a get together. Without any commitment, you get a sounding board session which could develop into a very powerful and useful relationship.


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