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The thinking, doing and being behind marketing

Marketing planning means defining what to do, who to and when. It is neither rocket science nor a mystical dark art; but there is no secret formula and no clear cut right and wrong. Experience is what counts.

For the small and medium-sized businesses that Department707 supports, our marketers do two things: look inward to the heart of what the business is and does, and look outward to all the different stakeholders who need to hear about it. To do this we use two things: our right brain and our left brain. The right brain deals in facts and figures to make rational commercial decisions; the left brain is where ideas and innovation are born and nurtured.

The function of marketing is to find out what potential clients need and want, and work out how best to package up what you offer and make it available to target audiences in ways that play to your strengths and tie in with your goals. The skill, and ultimately success, lies in getting the fit right.

Our clients are mainly owner-managers of successful businesses who are bloody good at what they do and have been doing it for a fair few years. They recognise that they lack the expert marketing knowledge and resource needed to support their business in reaching the next level, be that from two staff to five, or from 30 to 50. We step in, on a project basis or as an ongoing reference point and bolt-on-able marketing department.

No two businesses find themselves at the same point when it comes to getting better at marketing so you won't find a 'right answer' in a text book or by employing a graduate.

Quite often, going forward means revisiting what's gone before, so the content of these pages is designed to deliver some insight, know-how and experience into where you should be looking if your goal is to define, design and share the best service you can.

If that sounds like you and your business, we’d love to hear from you and hear about the challenges you face. We don’t do 20mm thick marketing plans; more like twenty pages gleaned from hugely insightful collaborative workshops.


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