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About workshops

A workshop is an exceptionally healthy and fruitful environment in which to brainstorm ideas, progress a concept, face up to a challenge or think strategically.

By their very nature then, workshops are particularly suited to small businesses which are able to respond immediately to an outcome.

We remember 20% of what we hear, but 90% of what we say and do, so the focus is very much on participation and practice – known now as ‘action learning’ . Workshops are collaborative, with all delegates expected to share, contribute and cooperate. Our role is more facilitation than teaching, with tricks, tools and techniques openly shared.

Unlike workshops led by trainers with little actual experience, all our workshops cover topics based on many years of real world implementation.


We're firm believers in getting the right people around a table and empowering them to make progress on a topic there and then. The tricky part for us is that most situations are confidential, so we usually can't show you the output.

But we can talk to you about how co-creation and collaboration can be used to explore, to innovate and to change. Any topic can be addressed, and the process starts with a simple conversation.


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