Department 707

Recent bespoke workshops

Most workshops are created specifically for a client, led by commercial objectives but driven by the understanding that collaboration produces exceptonal results. Each workshop is different, depending upon the number and responsbilities of delegates.

Below are some recent examples of workshops we've run to give you an idea of some of the topics that can be covered:

  • Oct


    Cultural fit

    11th October 2012

    As he works more on the business rather than in it, this leader wanted to ensure his vision distilled down through the ranks. This one-off workshop clarified one man's thoughts so the team understand the in-built value and speak with one voice. We came up with ways of filling the inevitable gaps between what is said and done.

  • Sep


    From product to service

    19th September 2012

    This series of workshops for an artisan food maker takes the business from being product-led to one which is market-led. Once the fundamentals of a marketing plan are agreed, it's time to develop a service wrapper which will mean consumers and retailers seek out the product rather than having to be courted each time.

  • Aug


    Stalking stakeholders

    15th August 2012

    For this B2B retailer and manufacturer, a clearer understanding of stakeholders, together with their needs and preferences, was essential in order to reposition the business and redefine its online presence. This one-off workshop made sure that communication material is focussed outwardly on customer types rather than inwardly on product ranges and capabilites.

  • May


    Vision and values

    23rd May 2012

    For an ambitious recruitment agency, a scalable business model demands putting cornerstones, processes and procedures which will stand the test of time. Going back to the beginning we're exploring: What gets you out of bed? Where do you stand out? What do clients and candidates actually 'buy'? What are you really saying? Who's listening? 

  • May


    Facilitating collaboration

    7th May 2012

    With 300 staff to engage and involve in a special celebration, this client recognises the need for external facilitation of the working party to co-create a series of joined up events which leave permanent legacies rather than semi-permanent hangovers.

  • May


    Customer engagement

    3rd May 2012

    Engaging with the business community is key to this college's strategic vision of not just educating students but ultimately making them employable. This five day series of full day workshops over six months instills an entrepreneurial mindset.

  • Mar


    Market differentiation

    28th March 2012

    The holy grail of any small, specialist, service-providing practice (be they designers, architects or solicitors) is to achieve three outcomes with their sales and marketing activity. These are to be seen, be slick and be worth knowing. This series of five workshops tackles all three. 

  • Jan


    Communications masterclass

    16th January 2012

    What's that you're saying? Like all good communication, this masterclass intends to inspire, educate and inform small businesses. We help you create a well-thought-out, joined-up  communications strategy and plan that covers why, who to, what with, where and when you should be communicating. 

  • Dec


    Strategic marketing planning

    14th December 2011

    Starting with exploring the values and vision of this legal firm and ending with a bound marketing plan, this series of six strategic workshops for senior partners defined and refined their position in the market by playing to their strengths.

  • Nov


    Values and vision

    10th November 2011

    A collaborative but facilitated discussion on possible values that this charity's brand stands for. The content focuses not on loose generic labels but on the genuine benefit which comes out of working with the charity for its multiple stakeholders.